Piece @ shny

Curated By: Robert Aloia, Hugh Burckhardt, GiGi Campos, Frankie Cedeno, Jon Handel, Jonathan Neville and David Ziegler

Bridging the gap between works on the street and works on canvas, paper sketches are often relegated to dusty scrap books and old shoeboxes. PIECE will allow viewers into the minds of select New York City artists as they demonstrate how each piece is the creative product of an inspiration, vision, message or trial. Whether it is sketching, drawing, or working out ideas, a final piece starts here: on paper.

We are inviting a select group of artists to come hang and draw at the new shny space in the LES and all works will be on display and for sale. The work will be on view through the end of the March.

Opening Reception: Saturday March 15th 7pm-10pm. 

shny 116 Suffolk Street L.E.S. NYC

Artists Include:

2esae, Abuse, Astrodub, Beau, Cash4, Cern, ChrisRWK, Chuck Berrett, Col, Cosbe, Dave Ortiz, Donald Gajadhar, EKG, Eli Morgan Gesner, Elle StreetArt, Erasmo, Fresh, Greg Moncada, Ičy Stencils, Sot Stencils, Ivan-o-rama, Jacob Henderson, John Perry, Joseph Meloy, Justin Carty, Justo, Jerry Rid, Lady K Fever, Leah Weber, Leo Uzai, Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren, Matthew Burrows, Michael DiNicola, Missy Caz, N. Carlos Jay, Nemo Librizzi, Nicole Salgar, OCMC, Optimo, OWVBICS, Peter Passuntino, Phatbenetar, Phil, Rage Johnson, Rambo, Rubin, Russell King, Choice Royce, Sam Woolley, See One, Set, Ski, Take7, Touch, Werds, Yuri Velez and more…