Rae going live tonite!


“The RAE Show” = LIVE 24 hours, 7 days a week
“The RAE Show” = From Halloween to Thanksgiving in NYC
“The RAE Show” = From the mundane to the insane
“The RAE Show” = Like nothing the artist has done before

Brooklyn artist, painter and assemblage sculptor, RAE (aka RAE BK) will be confined to living inside the windows of his unique 'storefront stage' in Manhattan's Lower Eastside, NYC.

“The RAE Show” will feature a continuous look at an artist at work, at life and at times.... asleep in his own bed. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for about a month the public will be able to view RAE in eccentric headdress disguises, creating sketches, painting, drawing on the walls and banging away at sculptures made of found materials. The line between the process of making art and performance art will be completely blurred, inside a space only RAE could dream up.

The second component to “The RAE Show”, will be the performers and NY-centric characters joining him periodically throughout his stay. Animals, musicians, DJs, bizarre performers, and people doing mundane things will simultaneously occupy space within this “street-level theatre”, creating unusual juxtapositions RAE has long envisioned. This continuous cycle of art and life will play out live to an audience of New Yorkers as they pass by as well online to viewers worldwide as it’s live-streamed at www.rae-bk.com